About Galla Foods

Galla Foods was founded by Dr. Ramachandra N Galla in 2005 primarily as a way to directly give back to the farmers of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, who depend on mangoes for their sustenance. We are one of the best sources in the country for tropical fruit pulps and concentrates.

Galla Foods is part of the USD 1.75 Billion diversified Amara Raja Group, which has always believed in delivering high social impact through all its businesses and adding shared value to the communities around. At Galla Foods, we believe in following the Amara Raja vision: to be a quality player in the food sector.

We have two businesses – the Ingredient Business and the Consumer Business. The facility has the capability to produce fruit pulps and concentrates, and the best in class processing equipment with advanced control that provide consumer products under beverages.

Galla Foods works with farmers on engagement farming to source 95% of Totapuri Mango fruits directly from farmers’ gardens. This helps with traceability of the fruits and Mango gardens, thereby ensuring fair remuneration and transparency in pricing to the farmer for his produce. The farming community is an integral part and forms the backbone of the organization. We have a network of over 1500+ farmers who are our partners in growing high quality fruits and vegetables. We are constantly working towards improving the economic and social conditions of our farmers and promoting environment-friendly and agriculturally sound practices.

Our Core Purpose:

To transform our increasing spheres of influence and to improve the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities to more people all the time.