Farmers Network

The farming community is an integral part of Galla Foods and forms the backbone of the organization.

Galla Foods believes in empowering farmers by providing technical assistance from research institutes in the food industry to support the farmers. Better quality and higher yields are achieved by knowledge on pre and post harvesting practices.

Further to educating farmers with attest horticultural techniques, Galla Foods encourages farmers to mobilize the fruits directly to the factory. This helps in minimizing fruit handling damages and attaining high value realizations.

Galla Foods hopes to play a major role in social progress, wherein improved product performance and reduced environmental impact will be at the heart of its approach for the foreseeable future.

Founding Objectives

  • To transform the industry by partnering with the farming community.
  • To create a direct fruit source through our 1500+ farmers network.
  • To conduct farmer training programs for the best agricultural practices.
  • To offer financial support to farmers.
  • To empower farmers by providing technical assistance.