Corporate Social Responsibility

The Amara Raja Group has always believed in delivering high social impact through all its businesses and adding shared value to the communities around. At Galla Foods, we believe in following the Amara Raja vision. Galla Foods primarily started as a way to directly give back to the farmers of Chittoor who depend on mangoes for their sustenance.

Every company in the Amara Raja Group contributes towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities, 2% of profits or 0.2% of sales whichever is higher, much before it became a law in the year 2014. Our CSR initiatives aim to contribute to the economic and social development of our society. We take our responsibility seriously, and work tirelessly to transform, improve the quality of life and provide better access to better opportunities to more people all the time.

From community relief and rehabilitation work during natural calamities to village and agriculture development to offering better education, health and employment opportunities to those in mind, we ensure our social work has maximum impact, and touches the lives of everyone we work with. Many of our initiatives are also volunteer-driven by our own employees.

We also run the Rajanna Trust, an NGO focused on education, skill development, agriculture and irrigation, healthcare and rural development. Regular training programs and awareness programs are conducted for local farmers, who are introduced to modern farming technologies, use of fertilizers and pesticides and harvesting techniques. We conduct regular surveys and studies to assess the impact of our CSR initiatives.

Amara Raja Educational Society (ARES) – Amara Raja Vidyalayam

Amara Raja Skill Development Centre (ARSDC) – ARSDC Campus & ARSDC Workshop
Primary Health Centre (PHC) – Volunteering in Affected Areas
Environment and Social Forestry – Hillock adopted for greenery

Village Development -Check Dam and Rice & Flour Mill
Krishnadevaraya Educational & Cultural Association (KECA) – KECA Scholarships
For more details: Visit Rajanna Trust website