Banana Pulp

The product is derived from fully matured, sound, fresh, naturally / Controlled Ripened Cavendish variety banana fruits which are harvested and quickly transported to our fruit processing plant. The preparation process includes manual peeling, mashing the ripe fruit, deseeding, deaerating and homogenizing. In case of aseptic packing, the puree is sterilized and packed in pre-sterilised, high-barrier bags placed in steel drums. The bag is heat sealed and the drum tight-closed to ensure no free space inside the drum.

Banana Pulp

Organoleptical, physical and chemical analysis:

Appearance : Uniform, homogeneous smooth, free from fibers and any foreign and extraneous matter.
Taste : Characteristics of Banana
TSS : Min 20° Brix
Colour : Creamy White
Acidity : Min. 0.50 (As % anhydrous citric acid W/W)
pH at 20 ℃: 3.80 – 4.40
Consistency : ≤ 12.0 Cm / 30 Sec at 20 ℃ by Bostwick Method.
Black & Brown specks : ≤ 20 per 10 Gms
Total Plate Count : <10 CFU per gram.
Yeast and Mold : <10 CFU per gram.
E.Coli & Coliform : Absent per gram
Pathogens : Absent per gram
Aseptic banana puree is commercially sterile and free from pathogenic microorganisms and fit for human consumption. Product is free from added sugar, dyestuff, synthetic flavour, stabilizers, pesticidal & herbicidal residues and radioactive contamination.


Product is aseptically packed in pre-sterilized high barrier aseptic bags (215 +2 kgs), which are, placed in a 300-gauge polythene bag in M.S drums with a thermocol pad below the lid.


80 drums per 20 ft. container palletized or unpalletized.


Storage at ambient temperature.


12 months from the date of production under ambient storage conditions (25 – 30°C) and 18 months at < 25°C.


AIJN Code of practice – Reference Guide for Banana; Rev: Jan 2016.